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At Owensboro Catholic Schools, we believe each person is a significant and essential part of the whole Body of Christ, both called and destined by God for continued growth and maturity. It is the primary responsibility of the schools to create a truly Catholic, Christian environment in which each student can become more aware of self-worth and seek fulfillment at all levels of development.

OCS upholds a standard of order and discipline to teach students responsibility, accountability, and respect while preparing each student for life in this world and in eternity with the teaching of Jesus Christ and His church. The faculty, staff and administration are dedicated to carrying out their Christ-inspired vocations; their commitment and sacrifice are inspiring and help form a familial bond with students.

Each day our students are taught different aspects of our Faith, including how to pray and the significance of the sacrament of reconciliation. Students spend as much time on the subject of Faith as any other subject. Their study of Faith serves as a strong foundation on which they can build a successful career and life.