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KYA Students participate in a mock State Government.  They serve as the legislators and representatives.  They will write a bill that could possibly be chosen to be debated.

KUNA students participate in a mock United Nations.

Requirements for KYA and KUNA:

  • Students must be in good standing both academically and behaviorally.  Students will take and must pass a test on the state government for KYA and the United Nations for KUNA.
  • Students are required to write a bill for a proposed law.
  • Students must attend all meetings unless they are sick or have an appointment.  Other club meetings are not excused.

KUNA members participate in a mock United Nations Assembly.  Students prepare UN proposals to be debated and voted on and learn the cultural and political aspects of the chosen country they represent.

KUNA members attend the Kentucky United Nations Assembly held in Louisville during early march.  Students are chosen based upon their behavior, grades, and KUNA quiz score.  Financial Aid is available for the registration.  Members meet one a week from January to March.

KYA members learn the structure and operation of the government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Students are introduced to local, state, and national problems and participate in a forum to create bills aimed at the correction of these undesirable situations.

Citizenship skills are developed through debate and the encouragement of freedom of expression within the guidelines of the Parliamentary Procedure used by actual state government.

The club travels to Louisville and Frankfort in early November to participate.  club members use the actual house and Senate changes to debate bills they have written.  A forum is also provided for those interested in the workings of the Supreme Court.  These students argue a case before student justices in order to convince them either to uphold or overturn the decision of a lower court.  Actual court cases from Kentucky are used.

Thirty (30) students are chosen based upon grades, behavior, and their KYA quiz score.  Members meet in the mornings, once a week, between mid-September and November.  Financial aid is available for the registration.  This includes two nights lodging in Louisville, a banquet meal, transportation to and from Louisville and Frankfort.  A bill book with itinerary, and convention rooms is provided by the hotel.